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At Digital Montana, offering affordable website design and hosting is our mission!

Our exclusive, NO-RISK website development program, was specifically designed to remove the obstacles preventing you from having a custom built website.

No longer do you have to settle for a cookie cutter template, or fall into a sinkhole of continued expense, just to build a website that drives business growth and facilitates interactions with existing and potential customers.

Our development process ensures that each website design is built around your specific objectives, vision, and organizational personality, all without breaking the bank.
We accomplish this by building easily scalable solutions, that allow the website to grow with your needs, while helping you in building your customer base.

Our solutions are NO-RISK, meaning that you pay nothing, unless you are satisfied with the product delivered to you!

So, why wait? Why not contact us today, and allow DigitalMT the opportunity to discuss how we can make your website vision a reality!

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The Importance
of Social Media

Ignore it at your own peril!

Social media is an essential component to modern website design, as well as business marketing. It leverages the power of your customers and turns them into your best marketing resource.

Did you know that a recent study found that 53% of Americans who follow brands in social media are more loyal to those brands? And another study has shown that social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing

Just imagine the power of your customers, spreading the word about your business to their family and friends, even when your business is closed!

The real question is, how do you generate content compelling enough to ‘Like’ on Facebook, or ‘Tweet’ on Twitter?

At DigitalMT, we can help you by designing a solution to drive this essential customer interaction tool, and assist you in using it to increase your customer base.
Domain Name Registration

.COM - .NET - .ORG - .US - .INFO

With all of the options available today, selecting a domain name for your business or organization can seem daunting.

If you need assistance with choosing or registering a domain name for your business, we can help!

Image/Video Optimization

In today’s mobile centric society, it is important to optimize all images and video on your site, to ensure that your mobile customers can load your page before they lose interest, while waiting!

At DigitalMT, we can assist by optimizing your media to reduce file sizes, without sacrificing quality or customer experience.

Website Hosting

Selecting a web hosting provider can be tricky business for the novice. At DigitalMT, we maintain relationships with multiple hosting providers, and can leverage our purchasing power to reduce your costs, while maintaining a presence large enough to ensure that customer support requests are quickly answered!

Website Design

Selecting a website designer can seem like a big risk to those getting started.

If you find yourself concerned with the potential costs associated with a custom website design, worry no more! At DigitalMT, we specialize in easily scalable solutions that allow your website to grow with your customer base and budget.

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Digital Montana, preparing creative web solutions for businesses in Montana since 1995.

Our creative web design & hosting services, provide the personal touch necessary to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Contact us today, and ask about our NO RISK solution for all your web presence needs.
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